Monday, December 13, 2010

Decorating the tree

The Friends have finally finished decorating the tree here in the Garden!

"The tree is so prickly... but this silvery garland will look lovely," says Flora.

"Hello there sweet little elephant," says Millie.

"Everything is just so sparkly!"

Cubbie meets a chimney sweep... "Chim chim cheree!"

"Hey! Someone get the ladder! I'm ready to come down!"

The tree all a-glow... 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Burgandy Bear goes to school

 Burgandy Bear is an old friend here in the Garden.
Several years ago, he was found abandoned in the trash.
Now he is the King of all the Friends!

Burgandy came to school with me this week to visit with all the children.
A sweet little girl invited him to eat lunch beside her.
A kindred spirit she is...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a visit to the tree farm...

Time for the Friends to pick out a Christmas tree!

What about this one over here?
Brrr! It sure is windy out here on the tree farm!
This tree was absolutely perfect. Good thing it fit in the car!
Aw thanks, Cubbie!
This sweet little Christmas branch is just the right size for us!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving with Mr. Piggles

Mr. Piggles is the happy kitchen companion of my sister, Mimi. This Thanksgiving, he invited some of the Friends over for a special holiday feast together.

This little tea cup is Mr. Piggles' favorite perch.
These little Dutch piggies like to help in the kitchen, too.

Welcome to the feast, Friends!

This gentle giant is Lulu. She was made by artist, Heidi  Bartruff.
Lulu was especially fond of Cubbie.

Look at me everybody!
Barney the giraffe is taking me on a tour of the house!

Boy, Stedman Turtle sure is strong!
Thanks for the ride ole buddy!

Stedman? Can you keep a secret?

I won't tell a soul, Cubbie! Not even Millie.

Mmmmm! Looks like the turkey is just about ready!

Cranberries! Cherry pie! Apple pie! I can't wait for dessert!

Hey... where did everyone go?
 I've been hiding in this basket nibbling on  fresh bread!

I think this serious lady saw me though...
Hope I don't get into too much trouble with Aunt Mimi!

Charlotte in Autumn

The Friends were sooooo excited to take a little
weekend trip to Charlotte to visit Chuckie Wabbie!

Ok everybody... squeeze in for a group photo. Say cheese!

A giant leaf pile! Last one in is a rotten egg!
Heeheehee! That was soooo much fun!
Wait -- Cubbie? Are you there? Yup!
Follow me, Friends! The best part of the yard is the slide!

Heeheehee! You're right, Wabbie! What great fun!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The child is in me still and sometimes not so still

... One of my favorite quotes from Fred Rogers, who is always a great source of inspiration to me. I like this quote because it so aptly describes how I often feel in my life. I want so much to hold onto the spirit of my own childhood and share that sense of magic with children I know.

This summer we visited the Children's Museum in my old hometown, Pittsburgh. Our favorite exhibit is Mr. Roger's Neighborhood where you can play make-believe in the castle, sit in Trolley, or watch those wonderful factory films I always loved. If your travels ever take you to the steel city, be sure to visit this amazing museum for children of ALL ages!

Virginia and Cubbie visit King Friday's castle!

Cubbie looking for Henrietta Pussycat in the Tree House.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - 1st Show Part 2
Uploaded by jpatterson22. - Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Bunny Tutu

Our latest little Friend has gone on adventure with a sweet little girl here in Charleston. I knew she would love the delicate pink dress that this little bun is wearing!

Hello sweet little dear...

My delicate pink ballet skirt is my favorite thing to wear...

This gazebo is a popular place to get married!

I like to imagine I am a famous dancer.

I'm ready for my closeup! Uh-oh... Too close!

I sometimes imagine that I am a beautiful pink butterfly...

Always remember to stop and smell the roses!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mint's summer memories

Mint is one adventurous bunny!

Have you ever seen such a giant caterpillar? I wonder what kind it is...

Lounging around the pool is my favorite summertime activity!

Ahhh.... Now THIS is the life!

Fresh produce! A perfect snack.

Gotta run, Friends! See you later with more adventures!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Rock Buddies

Bee makes these sweet little rock buddies that you can use to decorate your key chain, zipper, book bag, anything! She is selling them for $4 each (post paid) so that she can sponsor a kitty living at the Pet Helpers shelter here in Charleston.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome little puppy!

Welcome a new kind of friend! A puppy!
This little guy will watch over a sweet new baby here in Charleston.

Should I try to chase that big, giant horse?

Have you seen my bouncy ball?

Guess I better learn how to use one of these things! Heehee!